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Lock-Out Services
Locked-Keys-in-Car... Four words no one wants to put together. We can help.

So, you locked your keys in the car. It happens. Abel Lock-Out Service can quickly reunite you with your keys. We use modern damage-free locksmith tools made especially for vehicle lock-outs.

Issues that may arise if you locked your keys in the car:

  • cosmetic/structural damage to vehicle
  • no outside key access
  • no interior manual door lock
  • security system issues

Locks are changing and increasingly complicated. If you locked your keys in the car its important to have an expert handle it for you. Call ABEL and get it done right.

Message from the Better Business Bureau
We hope that everyone chooses us for their lock-out service, but we understand people may go elsewhere. We advise you to be careful in choosing someone to unlock your door in a lock-out situation.
It's bad enough when you lock your keys in the car. Now, "Locksmith fraud" is a problem. It has resulted to thousands of complaints from overcharging and intimidation. The BBB has issued a warning.

Posing as a trustworthy locksmith, they take advantage of people who locked their keys in a car or house. They quote a low price over the phone for lock-out service. After they finish they demand, in some cases, x4 the price. They work without an established location, using various names to hide their mode of operation. Beware of unclear advertising and unrealistic prices. Never accept lock-out services from an unmarked vehicle.

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